Helping provide calmness and serenity, whilst reducing stress and anxiety

In these current circumstances where everyone is forced indoors or have little opportunity for outdoor exercise due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic the Mindimension visualization experience can help you.

The App contains a series of meditations that are exclusive to Mindimension providing an organic and natural soundscape, bringing your mind alive, giving you the feeling of being outside and making the experience feel real:Photo: Woman sitting on rock atop mountain gazing out into distance

  • Motion (Running & Walking in your Mind for those with mobility issues).
  • Journeys (Taking you on a relaxing, visualization meditative journey).
  • Coffee Break (Quick 5 minute meditations to help you relax and focus).
  • Sleepwaves (Soothing music with binaural beats to fall asleep to).
  • Meditation (Classic style using guided and non-guided meditations).

The benefits of listening to Mindimension, and letting the meditative journey pull you into the joyous and creative world of your imagination, can help you reach a state of elation and euphoria that helps relieve any stress, anxiety or despondency you may have felt prior.

Mindimension. Bringing your meditation alive!

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Meditations to help you visualize your world

Listen to a sample of our meditations below.

Running in the Rain (City)

Come along on a journey as you experience running through the rain. The sounds of the city envelope you, as you follow a route past trucks and cars, past kids waiting for the school bus, and past pedestrians huddled under umbrellas.

Walking in the Desert

Immerse yourself in the experience of the Desert. Imagine walking through the sand, your feet sinking into the rolling undulating landscape. Visualize the orange sun as it sets in the sky and feel the peaceful ambiance of the desert.

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