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13 proven benefits of meditation

Medically reviewed by Dr. Roger Henderson - Harper's BAZAAR

Photo: Group of Woman sitting cross-legged on carpeted floor with eyes closed and hands in prayer position, meditating.

Practice 10mins a day for improved memory, better sleep, less stress and more

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of meditation have been studied extensively in recent years. While there’s still much to uncover about its potential, the practice has proven to be an effective tool that can help to improve our quality of life – reducing stress, improving attention, enhancing self-awareness and more.

We asked Dr Elena Touroni, consultant psychologist and co-founder of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic; Richard Reid, psychologist, author and founder of Pinnacle Therapy; and Valerie Teh, yoga, breathwork and meditation instructor at the House of Wisdom, to share advice about establishing a regular practice to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

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The Power Of Visualization | Ashanti Johnson | TEDxWillowCreek

Ashanti Johnson is a Fitness Instructor and the Owner of a fitness brand 360.Mind.Body.Soul that combines physical fitness with mental fitness. It all started with her vision. Everyday for 1-year she would day dream about her business without doubt, fear or judgement. Little did she know she was visualizing and the more she allowed the unfolding, it intensified until it became a full blown reality.

How often do we visualize and immediately talk ourselves out of looking deeper? What would happen if you allowed the vision to fully express itself? What would happen if we cultivated a visualization practice? Ashanti shares her story of what happens when you allow your vision to reveal itself fully, unabridged.

Photo: Female in wheelchair

What’s It Like To Meditate In A Wheelchair?

By Josette Lumbruno - Sivana East

Josette Lumbruno writes: "It is easy to take for granted the ability to move around freely without needing someone to push you from place to place. Using these types of guided meditations during the course I teach on Calm Mind Meditation, it never even occurred to me that not everyone in the class is capable of imagining what walking in the sand feels like or climbing that mountain, feeling the earth below your feet until I met Andy."

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Photo: Man sitting meditating with moon in background

A Complete Guide to Meditation for Men

By Chelsea Batten - The Manual

If your motivation for the new year has run out of steam, maybe it’s time to scrap the resolutions and focus on making just one change: Learning how to meditate.

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Photo: Man sitting meditating with moon in background

What mindfulness meditation can do for your health

By Olivia Bowden, Global News

Meditation — the practice of focusing on thoughts to achieve calmness or relaxation — is more popular than ever. Celebrities and athletes often point to their ability to engage with mindfulness meditation as a reason for success.

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Woman with hands on head gazing into sun on country road

Practice Visualization Like an Olympic Trials Marathoner

By Becky Wade - Runners World

The practice of creating a mental image of a future scenario and watching it play out as realistically as possible is by no means reserved for elites. Athletes of all abilities stand to benefit. Use these techniques to see success and overcome obstacles in your next race.

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